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The number of human beings on the planet has almost doubled in the past 50 years ‒ and so has the global food production. Consequently, the use of pesticides and other chemicals on the crops has increased to balance and satisfy the food production for the rate of population explosion.

This is now showing adverse effects on Bio Diversity and the climate. Laboratory studies have shown that bio-cides can harm organisms which they were not meant to affect. In terms of climate change, temperature increase and changes in precipitation patterns are because of the pest and pathogen infection determinants. Over 98% of sprayed insecticides and 95% of herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, because they are sprayed or spread across entire agricultural fields. Water stream can carry pesticides into aquatic environments while wind can carry them to other fields, grazing areas, human settlements and undeveloped areas, potentially affecting other species. And polluting air leading to the direct climatic changes.

Climate change need an Immediate action for everyone to sustain on earth. With a profound research, trial and error, we have come up with “Project ASTRAA - The Field Marshal” an electronic device which successfully keeps pests at bay, and controls crop damage without harmful chemicals. “Astraa”, the Advanced System for Tracing and Repelling Agricultural Antigens is a technological solution that uses Phonotaxis, Phototaxis and Trap Chemicals incorporated within a portable IOT device that can be placed within the farm and promotes Zero Budget Spiritual Farming (ZBSF). This greatly reduces the need to apply pesticide-like harmful chemicals to the farm.

The field trials so far within the trial plots have been very successful. “Project ASTRAA” aims at 40% improvement over the existing climate in south India. “Project ASTRAA” targets at the economic growth and prosperity of more than 60 million farmers in the Sothern India.
“ASTRAA Devices” will soon be known as the most environmental friendly pest control device of India and aims at marketing country-wide. Credence Robotics and Eywa Nest (An NGO) is looking forward for investors with a pragmatic mind-set and a vision who can support production of “ASTRAA Devices” and its field trials across recognized agricultural zones of South India.